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you're a legend in this room, only in this room
New Interview with Shaant 
23rd-Jun-2010 03:38 pm
New interview with Shaant. Has anyone seen him on this tour? Or I guess it is over.

Anyway here is part of it:

The response Shaant received during his tour has been positive and encouraging, "The turn-outs are blowing my mind because I never thought I would have a chance to do it again and to have so many people coming out. This tour has been I can honestly say my favorite ever. I have been sober through it, and have amazing people around me."

I guess the people he is touring with now is the new Cute Is What We Aim For, he implies that in the interview.

Click Here for Interview
24th-Jun-2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
I went to the Portland and Seattle dates and Shaant came out before and after the shows and made sure everyone got pics with him if they so wanted. He was joking around with people and just seemed so much happier than previous tours. He was even trying to remember people's names. <3 I love the new, improved and sober Shaant.
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